Mascara and Eyelash Extensions

There’s no doubt that getting eyelash extensions is a bold and beautiful cosmetic move.

For some eyelash extension clients ditching the mascara is the number one objective. 

What’s the benefit of putting mascara back in the drawer you ask well for one thing morning make-up routine time can be cut in half. 

Another few reasons to ditch the mascara, racoon eyes and allergic reactions; that’s right some ingredients found in mascara have been known cause allergic reactions. 

Can I Apply Mascara to Lash Extensions?

can I use mascara on eyelash extensions?

However, there are times that lash lovers must pull out the mascara while wearing their eyelash extensions.  Here are a few reasons why:  

  • During the in between lash fills your lash extensions may naturally shed quite a bit exposing your natural eyelash. This is normal by the way but the gaps may be leave your lash line looking a bit “odd”.  Using black or dark brown mascara to blend the natural lash with the extensions may be necessary.  Clients with blonde or fair natural lashes may find this to be especially true.
  • Taming the “Wonky” lash. As the natural lashes grow out an attached eyelash extension or two may take on a mind of its own.  Why? The weight of the eyelash extension may be a bit too heavy for the new eyelash growing in and the eyelash extension might at times turn down. Another scenario, our natural lashes can grow a bit sideways…yep sideways.  The eyelash extension that is attached to the natural lash will grow sideways too and lashes may appear “wonky”.    
  • Having a night out on the town and you want your lashes to look stunning grab the mascara and apply away as long as it is Not a waterproof mascara! Waterproof must be avoided while wearing eyelash extensions at all cost.  Don’t forget at the end of the night to wash your face and eyes.


To help you decide which mascara or mascara alternative while wearing eyelash extensions may be right for you here are a few things to consider:


Black Mascara and Eyelash Extensions Ingredients Matter

When deciding on whether to apply mascara to eyelash extensions you might want to consider the ingredients.  

Base ingredients found in mascara include polymers, pigment, wax, preservative and sometimes oils.  Polymers are used to form a coat on the lashes. Waterproof mascaras have higher concentrations of polymers which prevents the mascara from flaking off.

But this makes waterproof mascara more difficult to remove and not good over eyelash extensions.

Pigments used in black mascara usually include a carbon black or iron oxide, these ingredients give mascara its deep dark color.

Waxes like carnauba and bees wax are used to thicken the mascara which when applied to lashes thickens the eyelashes.  

Waterproof mascaras contain higher concentrations of waxes which binds to the lashes making the mascara harder to remove.

If deciding on using mascara on your eyelash extensions we recommend grabbing a good NON waterproof mascara and use it sparingly. 

Carefully applying NON waterproof mascara to the natural lash only can help you blend the eyelash extensions with your newly grown in natural lash and will help maintain a beautiful lash line for the in-between fills.


Mascara Alternative LASHAFIXX

mascara alternative


LASHAFIXX is a great alternative to using mascara to blend the natural lash growing in with eyelash extensions during the in-between fill. 

Base ingredients in LASHAFIXX include: a polymer, natural activated charcoal, hydrolyzed keratin and silk protein. 

mascara alternative

The polymer used in LASHAFIXX sets eyelash extensions in place during the grow out period.

All natural activated charcoal used in LASHAFIXX traps and absorbs oils, dirt and toxins that are naturally produced along the lid and lash line making cleaning eyelash extensions a breeze.

Absent of pigment and waxes LASHAFIXX washes off easily and whisks away oils and dirty when used with a mild cleanser or plain water. 

As eyelash extension wearers know oil is perhaps the number one reason extension wear can be shortened. 

You may help to extend eyelash extension wear with LASHAFIXX.  


Fiber Mascara and Eyelash Extensions

Fiber mascaras should not be used over eyelash extensions

Although Fiber mascara is perhaps the single best way to give clients that eyelash extension look fiber mascara should not be worn on eyelash extension. 

Why? Fiber mascara is designed with a high concentration of polymers that coats the lashes with a gel like substance combined with tiny fibers to mimic fluffier lashes. 

Some fiber mascaras have a 2-3 step system while others blend the gel and fiber all in one. 

Although the results of fiber mascaras can be stunning removal from the eyelashes can be a bear!!!

For this reason fiber mascaras should not be used over eyelash extensions because removal entails an awful lot of scrubbing and sometimes special cleansing solvents to remove and this will certainly remove eyelash extensions as well. 




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