Activated Charcoal: The Benefits to Skin, Hair, and Lashes

When we first hear the word charcoal, we never think of beauty. However, if you read charcoal and immediately think of a skin mask, you are a hard-core beauty junkie.

Using activated charcoal in your hair and on your face may not seem attractive, but it has been used for hundreds of years as a beauty routine, think Cleopatra!

Nowadays, people use activated charcoal for detoxification in foods and drinks, and it is even used for whitening teeth. Check out Dr. Organic Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Toothpaste.  But what do your hair, skin, and lashes have to do with this?

Activated Charcoal offers riveting benefits to the skin, hair, and eyelashes. Let’s take a look at some of the best perks of using Activated charcoal for cosmetic purposes.

activated charcoal benefits

1.     Activated Charcoal Cleanses Small Pores

Throughout the day, our pores are clogged with pollutants from the environment around us. You may have heard about the long-lasting damage to your skin caused by air pollution. If your pores are not visible, neither is the damage. Activated charcoal can bind to dust in the smaller pores, and it helps draw it out of the pores. This renders the pollutants and the damage less noticeable. It leaves you feeling cleaner and gives your skin a touch of freshness.


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2.     Activated Charcoal Has Anti-Acne Properties

Based on your acne's specifics, activated charcoal will help reduce the amount of acne in your skin. It's slightly gritty in soap form, which could offer you the gentle exfoliation you need. Oils and contaminants will also be absorbed on and below the skin. If you don't want to use it all over your face, you can use it for spot treatment. Activated charcoal will effectively act as a mini mask for your blemishes and dark spots.


3.     Activated Charcoal Will Eliminate Toxins and Oil from Hair

Activated charcoal shampoo is used to detox the scalp by absorbing excess oil (ala sebum), dirt and debris.  Dr. Organic Purifying Activated Charcoal Shampoo uses organic essential oils and fruit extract to remove impurities and oil from the hair and scalp. The results are amazing…hair and scalp that’s revitalized and refreshed.


charcoal shampoo

4.     Activated Charcoal Keeps Lashes Clean and Extends Eyelash Extension Wear

Anyone who’s ever worn eyelash extensions has heard the mantra…stay away from oil and oil based products, it will shorten the lash extension wear. 

Infused with Activated Charcoal LASHAFIXX is the answer to the hard to clean and sometimes unruly eyelash extension. 

Used as needed LASHAFIXX absorbs and traps excess oil and debris that settles onto the lash line. 

Washing away oil and dirt has never been easier. 

Concentrated hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed keratin protein LASHAFIXX imparts strength and shine to lashes too.

This eyelash extension aftercare product is a must have for safe, healthy and beautiful eyelash extension wear.


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